Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Verdict is In...

The knickers were sewn first.

And oh my, Simplicity 8229 panties pattern is a keeper! The pattern arrived in the mail earlier this week. I wanted to try these in a smaller size than I cut Simplicity 8228 from and I'm glad that I did. These fit better than the first pair. I'm not sure if this pattern is sized big or if it is the amount of stretch in my fabric?  

Remember back-in-the-day when pattern envelopes came with a stretch guide? This one does not, instead it has a description of recommended fabrics. 
**Patterns were designed to be made with fabric that has approximately 30% - 40% stretch.**
My fabric is a two-way cotton stretch. The pattern is designed for optional lining but I just went with my fashion fabric only. I didn't open or read the pattern instructions since these are my second pair of Madalynne panties. I did however take bbarna's advice to use a size 11 ballpoint needle. Thanks bbarna! The pattern recommends a size 12 ballpoint needle. The needle worked like a charm, no issues to report of my fabric pushed down the needle plate. It was a quick, easy, and enjoyable sewing project.  

The Stats:

Fabric:  0.50 metres

Elastic:  2.40 metres picot elastic

Needle:  Ballpoint size 11

Additional Tools and Supplies: Sewing machine, serger, screwdriver, scissors, thread clippers, 100% polyester threads for the sewing machine and serger, pins, wrist brace, elbow gel pad, iron, ironing board, coffee and biscotti cookie break.

Happy Sewing!  



  1. I have this pattern too, I may need to give it a try. Glad it worked out for you!

    1. This pattern will be my go-to panties pattern, I really like how the elastic is inserted and that she included a guide. It's an easy make, hope you enjoy making this as well.


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