Monday, 2 January 2017

Sewing From My Stash

Confession time:  I have a big fabric stash.

Last year, I didn't get around to sewing half of the projects I wanted to yet, I continued to add to my fabric stash. And now it's a big stash. So...

I have one important goal this year, sew from the fabric stash. That's right, I'm putting myself on a fabric fast. I'll allow myself to pick up thread, chalk, buttons or zippers if I haven't found it in my stash but other than the necessities to finish a project that it. No more fabric. Oh, I can't believe I just wrote that, we'll see how that goes.   

Do you have any sewing goals for the new year?  

Happy Sewing!  


  1. I want to sew up any fabric I buy or are given this year in THIS year. Also I do want to reduce my overall fabric stash. Good luck without buying any fabric.

  2. I think I should just ditto Janine's comment... yes I just want to sew my stash and I'm really trying even if there is no evidence of it yet. Good luck not buying any... I find I have to just not go to get anything and therefore I can't be tempted. Unfortunately I just ran out of stretch and ballpoint needles and my son gave me a gift card for Spotlight (Joanne's like shop) so I'll have to be very discerning with my purchases.

  3. I plan to sew more. Procrastinate less. And to get my fabric stash down by half ... ok, 20% LOL 😂 I need room/space.

    Happy New Year ... FIESTA 🎉💥🌟

  4. Same resolution here. Making many pillowcases with one yard pieces. Having a great time!!!

  5. Haha! Welcome to 2017!

    I plan to buy less this year and have set a hard budget for fabric.

    Good luck on your fast!


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