Monday, 18 August 2014

Years ago...

I've been talking about making a winter coat for years now. I can trace it back to 2011 on this blog. I had the pattern picked out, Vintage Vogue 1083. I even cut out a muslin. But I chickened out of the winter coat project many times over the years.  

Now, I'm thinking about making a winter coat once again. There is a new pattern I have in mind. It is another Vintage Vogue pattern. It is a Sybil Connolly design! I've had my eye on this pattern for quite some time.

I love everything about this design but I just admired it from the distance as it sat for sale at the $52.00 (USD), plus another $11.00 for shipping and of course throw in the exchange rate. It was just too rich for my blood, even after reading The Coat Route.  

Today, I found another Sybil Connolly coat pattern in my size for much less a very reasonable price and [squealing with delight], it is on its way! 

I still have the coating fabric in my stash. No chickening out this time. I believe I'm ready for the challenge and I'm excited about the pattern I'll be working with so there are no excuses.  

Now, I just have to clear off the sewing projects I have on the go before this pattern arrives. Have you ever made a winter coat? Any advice?  

Happy Sewing!  


  1. You can do this-there is less fitting and just more layers. It's actually fun!


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