Thursday, 23 January 2014

Nothing Like a Cozy Pair of Pajamas

Stash-busting 2014: Pajamas

Fabric:     3.90 metres flannel (it was very narrow) plus 1 metre of interfacing.   

Trim:       0.40 metre.  

Buttons:  9 clear coloured buttons.  

Thread:   Yellow thread from the thread stash, used in the overlook. Light green thread from the stash used for the sewing machine. I managed to finish off one spool.     

Sewing Goals Achieved with this project:   None, but I did learn a lesson from the first one I made a year ago: interface the front facing. The first one that I made currently has a tear around one of the buttons located near the bottom. If I interfaced it, I think it would be able to handle some of the stress. We'll see if it works on this one.  


This project was pretty much uneventful. No mistakes to re-count, no challenges, quite simple to sew up. It is a great project to a beginner. It did take some time to sew up only because I was unable to sew uninterrupted--I did need to take a lot of breaks. (The first pair I made last year, I remember being a much quicker make.) And therefore sewing was broken into small chunks of time with lots of rest breaks in between.

The Pattern:

I found this pattern in a second hand store over a year ago. It is McCall's 8525, an out-of-print pattern.  

The Fabric:

Oh my goodness, this fabric has been in my stash for more years than I care to remember. And there are areas on the fabric that hint at its age. It is nice to finally stash bust this one. As a matter of fact, if you think you have seen this fabric before you are correct. I cut this project out many months ago and it has been sitting in my project drawer waiting to be stitched up.

It is a flannel fabric which is perfect for the chilly evenings we're having in this corner of the world. And it has cows printed on it--what's not to love. 

There was not enough trim in the stash to finish the front and neckline edge like I did in the first one I made but I did have enough to trim the pocket edge. All in all, it worked out to be a pretty good stash busting project. I have officially stash busted all the flannel from my stash.

Happy Sewing!  


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    1. It is! I've been practically living in it this week.


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