Friday, 5 August 2011

Secrets revealed from within my old winter coat....

I'm still studying and prepping before I tackle my winter coat project... but I want to share what I discovered when taking apart my old winter coat. (I'm going to try to utilize some of the lining.)

This is a patch of leather sewn to the inside of the coat's interlining. And talking about interlining, the coat fabric didn't have any interlining, instead it was the lining has a layer of flannel interlining. 

The piece of leather is attached to the flannel interlining and sat between the flannel interlining and the coat fabric.

It was attached with one line of stitching near the upper part of the back. I guess it was for additional warmth or a wind barrier? I'm not sure.

The secret of the leather is hidden behind the lining. I had no idea all these years.

And check this out!  Perfectly good shoulder pads that I can recycle and use in the new winter coat.

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