Thursday, 2 July 2015

Are You Sitting Down?

Stash-busting 2015:  Culottes

Fabric:              2 metres of mystery denim $15.82 ($14.00/metre - 50% off + taxes)

Zipper:              20 cm (8") invisible zipper $5.06 ($2.80 - 20% off + taxes x 2)

Basting Tape:    72 cm (28") $0.00 (Birthday gift)

Pattern:              Vogue 9091 @ $8.48 ($7.50 sale price + taxes)

I made culottes and I love them! 

Front view

I know you're probably shaking your head, wondering what the heck I was thinking making a garment that is famous for its pouch-centric orientation. Especially after the Crafty Chemist warned us to tread carefully with this fashion trend. But I already had Vogue 9091 in my pattern stash after I quickly clicked the order button during a Vogue's online sale. And there was Hanni's (or was it Elizabeth's) pair of culottes over at I Sew, You Sew that convinced to go ahead and make them.  

Side view

I'm so sew glad I did. These are so comfortable and they have pockets. The fabric was a recent find  at Fabricland, listed as a denim yet stamped 100% unknown fibre content. Now, isn't denim supposed to refer to a cotton fabric? Or has the word denim evolved to mean other things as well?

Either way, the fabric worked out fine. I actually picked it up because I liked the colour rather than the belief that it was a true denim fabric. I suspect it has a high polyester content by the way it frayed while handling the fabric along with the softer drape it has compared to true cotton denim.  

I will say that I do like this pattern but I should mention that I found it on fitted side. I usually sew a size 14 with Vogue patterns but I cut this as a size 16 based on the waistline measurements printed on the pattern piece. I'm glad I did because if I went with a size 14, I would surely be in trouble.

I didn't follow the sewing instructions because I wanted to insert an invisible zipper and I had to sew the waistband before the sewing up the side seams. It worked out fine except on the final fitting I encountered zipper problems. I'm going to have to remove it and reinsert a new zipper. And then I'm going to make another pair.

Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Happy Canada Day!

To celebrate Canada Day I'm offering a 20% discount on sewing patterns everything over at the etsy shop.

{Source:  Huffington Post}
Just enter discount code CanadaDay2015 when checking out to receive the 20% discount.  Happy Canada Day everyone!  

And Happy Sewing!  

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June in Review...


Most of my month has been dedicated to making the most adorable little girl dresses. I have to admit that this has been the most fun I had sewing in a long time.  

And then there was sewing for the stash-busting contest over at Pattern Review where I realized that there are people with larger fabric stashes than my own. Yikes! I managed to come in 10th in the overage yardage used count. I managed to use up twenty-three point four yards of fabric that has been in my stash for six months or longer. Of course, that might change by mid-night today. I should confess that I found some lovely silk noir and wool on sale over at Northwest this month and added another twenty-four metres of fabric to my stash. So that wipes out all the good I did during the stash-busting contest. As of right now, the person in the lead has used eighty-two point eight yards! The whole group stash-busted a total of eight hundred forty-five point three yards. That unidentifiable sound you hear is some back patting going on around the globe. I'm refraining from back-patting because I'm busy stroking my wool and silk finds.   

RTW Fast

I did a horrible job this month when it came to my pledge to stop buying ready-to-wear clothing when I actively sought out work-out clothing. I picked up a jacket with pockets to hold my iPod while working out.  And a pair of biking shorts that actually fit. Oh yeah and that striped Kate Spade Saturday tee-shirt in the most gorgeous cotton knit fabric. And that Donna Karan mock-wrapped knit skirt. My bad.  


Sewing Supplies
Used from Stash
Additions to the stash
Basting Tape
2.08 metres

Bias Tape



1.3 metres
.83 metres

48.34 metres
83.9 metres
1.46 metres

Lace Trim
1.2 metres
6 metres
1.9 metres


Hooks and Eyes

6 previously used
16 new
12.7 metres
13 metres
Serger Thread

Sewing Machine Needle


Spools of Thread

2 - 22” invisible
1 - 12" invisible
1 - 8”  invisible
1 - 7" invisible
1 - 18" zipper
1 - 8" invisible
1 - 22" invisible 
Pants / Shorts

Happy Sewing!

Monday, 29 June 2015

Mizono #5

Stash-busting 2015: Lynn Mizono Reversible Dress 

Fabric:     2.3 metres (2 1/2 yards) of various cotton fabrics 

Buttons:   4 recycled buttons 

Ribbon:    2.3 metres (2 1/2 yards) of ribbon 

Pattern:    Vogue 1455 (already priced out with previous versions)

I hope you're not sick of seeing (or reading about) yet another version of Vogue 1455

I don't know if there is anything else to say about this dress pattern other than to show and tell. And the only thing I have to tell you is that this is the fifth version of Vogue 1455 that I've made and the third  one sewn in a size two.  

Here is the reverse side, I used up the last bit of this cotton that I used for a kAtheRine Tilton top I made a few years ago. This black and white cotton along with the pink plaid has to be my favourite pieces of fabric that I used for these dresses.  

Well, I think that will be all of the Mizono dresses I'll be making for awhile. The next sewing project will be an adult sized creation.  

Happy Sewing!  

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Vintage Boy's Shirt

Stash-busting 2015:  Simplicity 4166

Fabric:           1.14 metres (1 1/4 yards) 100% cotton

Interfacing:    0.11 metre (1/8 yard) fusible interfacing

Buttons:         4 vintage buttons

Pattern:          Vintage Simplicity 4166

I made this short sleeve shirt for a friend's son who likes to wear ties. Lately he hasn't been able to because the temperatures have made a long sleeve dress shirt a crazy option. Sew a short sleeve dress shirt seemed like the perfect project.  

I found the pattern on etsy and was thrilled when it was a local seller selling it. I felt confident that it would arrive in ample time to whip this up before the end of the school year. The envelope did arrive in record time but it was the wrong pattern. But luck was on my side as the seller quickly sent the correct pattern on it's way and this was a quick make.  

Maybe I should rephrase that... I took a few shortcuts since I was short on time. Instead of sewing flat felled seams I opted to use my serger to finished the seams.  

The fabric, buttons, interfacing and thread were all found in my stash. The fabric has been in my stash for quite some time to be completely honest I don't know where or when I picked it up. The four buttons were left over from a used package and turned out to be the perfect amount. White thread is a staple in my stash so there was no worries about matching here.  

Well, one more wee-item to sew... 

Happy Sewing!  

Saturday, 27 June 2015

In Sewing News Today...

The pattern I have been waiting for arrived on Thursday.  

I'm so happy that I ordered from a local seller because otherwise I don't think it would have arrived in time. Despite the fact that I need to make this by Monday, I haven't even started it. I've been sick this month fighting a cough that won't quit. After a visit with the doctor yesterday, I'm now on a round of antibiotics for a lung infection. Could my timing be worse? But I digress... 

Along with this little boys shirt pattern came a couple of other items. I swear, it feels like it is Christmas or my birthday or something where gifts are involved.

There is another little boys' shirt and pants pattern, Butterick 2122, but in a size 6 and a card of sewing needles that came with the Simplicity boys' shirt pattern. What a sweet gesture and total surprise.

And I also received a very generous gift certificate from Fabricland from one of my co-workers this past week.

Well, that's all in sewing news today...

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

In Sewing News Today...

Last week I purchased this pattern.

I came home from work on Friday, thrilled that an envelope had arrived. I opened it and was quickly saddened to find this pattern.

I didn't order this pattern. As a matter of fact, I actually have this pattern in my stash in a larger size. I'm disappointed because I ordered from a local seller thinking that it should arrive shortly which it did except it was the wrong pattern.

I wanted to make a little short sleeve shirt for another co-worker's child and this week is our final week at work. Thankfully, I was able to reach the seller and she graciously apologized and offered to send the correct pattern on its way. She even offered to let me keep the pattern that was sent but I won't feel right about keeping it so it is also on its way back to the seller. So she offered to reimburse the shipping cost I will occur from shipping it back.

So Sew that leaves me with some free time until it arrives. Yup, it still hasn't arrived. Fingers are crossed that it will arrive tomorrow. I do have one more Vogue 1455 that I could whip up.

Talking about Vogue 1455, I did hear some feedback from one of the Mom's. Her daughter received and tried on this dress in a size 4 and reported that the dress front neckline sits too low and that it needs to be taken in at the shoulder seam.   I actually had that problem with the adult version of this dress, Vogue 1410. I guess this is a design flaw? It just seems odd that it is the same issue I found in my own version. Something to keep in mind when I made another.  

Well, that is all that is new in sewing news today...

Happy Sewing!


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